Trade show display types

trade_showWell-written and well-formed displays can provide company’s success at a trade show. Creative stands and displays provide a necessary psychological impact, attract potential clients, customers and partners, and also contribute to the promotion of the company.

Interesting trade shows displays and structures are designed to adequately represent the company and strengthen the company’s image. In today’s world traditional forms of advertising are no longer in demand. The business world requires innovative approach, and today only unique displays are able to satisfy this need. The most popular trade show display types are modular displays, portable displays, banner stands, and custom exhibits.


Modular display – is one of the most popular types of large displays, which is a universal set of lightweight structures that can be transformed into a model with a large advertising image. Modular displays can be used not only for trade shows, but also for design of offices, places of sales, conferences, congresses, promotions, political events, etc.

The basis of modular displays is aluminum or carbon-fiber construction, designed to open up and form a lattice, like an umbrella. Magnetic bars, installed in special fasteners (“hubs”) ensure the stability and rigidity of modular displays.

Modular displays are quick and easy to assemble, it does not require any involvement of professional installers, or the use of specific tools.

Non-assembled modular takes up very little space; they are portable and easy to move. For transportation purposes modular displays use a special packaging (box on wheels), which can also be used as a presentation platform. Compact sizes of a box lets you convey modular displays by any types of transport (including cars) and register it luggage.

Modular displays a stylish and original solution for the trade shows. High-fidelity technologies that are used in the manufacture supporting frames and panels provide visual integrity and flatter image on modular displays. Joints are almost invisible. Furthermore, the configuration of the stand can be easily changed by taking a straight line, making it curved or an undulating. The size of modular display can also be changed through manipulations with the separate sections of construction.


Portable displays (also knows as pop-up displays or pull-up display) are small exhibition mobile constructions, which usually consists of an aluminum or carbon-fiber racks (roller) and poster (graphic panels), which displays the information you need or branding image. After assemblage the graphic is pulled up, and then attached to a support post at the back of the roller. It holds the panel up and tightly in its place. Weight of portable displays is 2-5 kg, and time for the assembly takes just a few minutes. The construction is completed with a rigid tube or a comfortable bag that makes these stands even more convenient for transporting and storage.

Such advantages as light weight and compact size give an opportunity to set these portable booths in any place at your discretion

Small exhibition stands can be used not only as an exhibition of equipment, but also as a presentation stands during PROMO and PR-actions, as well as the design of places of sales.


Banner stands – one of the most widespread mobile advertising structures, it is extremely popular due to the ease of assembly, of lightness, mobility and efficiency. Banner advertising stand consists of a light aluminum framework and a rectangular graphic with the image of the promoted product. Additional luminaries can effectively and impressively demonstrate a graphic with advertising.

Banner stands are lightweight, which is important for transportation; moreover it does not require any special care. It can be put in a nylon bag or tube that is offered in a complete set with this mobile stand, so you can forget about problems related to moving the banner. In the assembled state it occupies little space and therefore does not cause inconveniences in cases when it requires storage for some time.

It is necessary to mark the advantages of banners stands – their attractiveness, durability and ease of use. Thanks to its design, the replacement of worn out parts or images is easy. Two-sides printing of the graphic allow reaching more potential customers, improving the efficiency of the advertising company. Stands can be joined into one image; it is also possible to use images of different formats.


Custom exhibits are the most relevant and interesting types of displays. They are designed and manufactured based on the specific needs of an exhibitor. The most daring designer’s ideas are implemented in their development. The successful design of custom exhibit is the solution of several tasks, but first of all imagery and functionality. The application of custom exhibits is a real chance for exhibitors to declare about themselves, to show the maximum benefits of their products and will be remembered for a long time. In the manufacturing of custom exhibits all the specific requirements of exhibitor are taken into account, for example sizes, colors, angles or curvatures.

Custom exhibits can be made of a variety of high-tech materials: plastics with different pattern, glass, stone, cloth, welded constructions, complex wooden structures with highlights, full-color printing on various materials, and much more, thus presenting ordinary things in the most unusual ways, making them memorable. For example, made ​​of glass custom exhibits can remind an enormous aquarium or even can become a tropical island in the middle of exhibition hall. Such a unique display will never be lost among other structures, which are exhibition grounds are swarming with. Unusual design of the custom exhibit will make a presentation notable for any visitor of a trade show.

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